At CrossFit Survival we offer more than just CrossFit group training. One of our program offerings includes our USAW sanctioned Weightlifting team. If you love competition and love lifting, this sport is for you! All ages are welcomed, as we train from the ground up. We have lifters as young as 13 and as old as 50.

There is a significant commitment, however, as we train five days a week for 1.5 to 2 hours per session, and there are additional fees. Interested? Contact shannon@crossfitsurvival.com for details.

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Complete support and training for qualified individuals looking to learn and compete in the sport of weightlifting
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Build strength, speed and power. Light your competitive fire.
  • Mastering the Movements

    Beautiful, complex and challenging, weightlifting can be used to improve in many sports, such as volleyball, track & field and football

  • Proper Progression

    Train together, achieve together. Understand what it takes to work hard and achieve results.

  • Strength and Power

    Trained professionals can help take you to the next level

  • Teamwork and Competiton

    Your team depends on you to do well. Competition gives you a set goal to work for.

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