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LA’s Finest Bootcamp is geared towards people who need a longer on-ramp than our Fundamentals Course or who are not yet ready for our other group classes.

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Engaging primarily in bodyweight movements, LA’s Finest Bootcamp’s one-hour classes employ pertinent warm-ups, training progressions designed to build a base of strength, and aerobic training across a spectrum of time domains.
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Mobility and flexibility work along with education toward self-recovery tools are also incorporated as is nutritional education, teamwork and a fun supportive environment.
  • Muscle Growth

    We really concentrate on improving your strength and building muscle

  • Instructor led

    Professional coaching with easy to understand instruction

  • Community Led

    Join a group, create a community. We really believe in building your social network through fitness

  • Teamwork

    The bootcamps are geared towards working in teams.


Vic Aghchikian

Vic came to IAFS via CrossFit Survival with a specific goal. He wanted to get buff. Taken on as a private training client by Coach Erik Boyd, he is achieving just that....

Coach Erik Boyd

After a year of training, Erik decided he wanted to hang up his football cleats to pursue a new passion — competitive CrossFit and weightlifting. Since, Erik has competed in the weightlifting nation...

Suzy Avakian

Suzy joined CrossFit Survival almost two years ago. "I never imagined in my life that I would do the type of activities I do now, let alone do them at age 50", she states. She can do 20 box jumps at a...

Laurie Espinosa

Before joining CrossFit Survival in early 2013, my family and I had been contemplating trying crossfit for some time. Crossfit boxes were fewer and farther between in those days, but when CFS opened r...

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