Arbi Don’t Do Cardio

Arbi follows a strength program designed just for him. It is a combination of strength training, weightlifting, mobilization and auxiliary training. He does zero conditioning, yet he’s lost 60#, gotten stronger and fitter.

So many men and women enter our gym afraid of weightlifting. They come in misinformed, uneducated and afraid. Most have never lifted weights a day in their lives, so what’s to be afraid of?

Men are fed the line that you must lift heavy everyday in order to be manly and get “gainz”. Maybe they tried it once, found it incredibly difficult, got hurt or just felt stupid trying. Women are shown pictures of unattractive body-builder-types pumped up on steroids (male testosterone) having lost all semblance of femininity. They think even picking up a dumbbell is going to make them look “bulky”.

So why should YOU lift weights?

Weightlifting builds muscle, increases testosterone (don’t worry girls, a little only makes us feel good; you have to shoot it up to look like on of “those” women), carves out nice chiseled features, increases metabolism and denotes strength.  What’s not to love?

Weightlifting does not need to be overwhelming, dangerous or threatening. In fact, engaging in a progressive program wherein you gradually increase your weights over time while working toward excellence in form should be your goal.

There is nothing more gratifying than being stronger at 50 than you were at 30, lifting weights you never dreamed possible, being able to do push ups from the toes with ease and strict pull ups like you did in high school (for women, doing them at all is usually the goal) and liking what you see in the mirror when you’re naked. Weightlifting is also an excellent tool for fat loss. Hit the weights hard 4-5x a week, and you might just find you don’t need “cardio” to look and feel your best.

Laurie squats over 200# (no small feat for anyone, much less a woman) and only does 10 mins of aerobic activity each time she trains. The rest is all weightlifting, strength training and auxiliary work like pull ups. On the left she shows off a 1st place medal she earned in her sport. On the right, she is stronger (meaning she lifts even more and heavier) yet lighter. 

Interested in learning the proper way to lift weights and/or starting a progression to better bone density, stronger muscles, increased metabolism and a nicer physique?

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Chris put on over 20# of muscle in two years. He’s stronger, fitter and leaner.